Food For Children

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Food is the basic need and fundamental right of every creature on this planet but still there are some less fortunate people who are not able to manage to get this basic necessity in life.

International Siddhashram Shakti Center with the support of its’ dedicated volunteers have been providing food to the homeless and the hungry. Despite of the economic growth, a large section of the world still strives to get a meal on their plate and that is why feeding the underprivileged section of our society is one of our most significant cause towards the formation of a happy and healthy world.

Along with empowerment through education, Siddhashram is dedicated towards the cause of feeding the poor children and the needy from time to time by sponsoring healthy, hygienic, delicious and nutritious meals on the occasion of various functions and festivals and many important mega events.

We realize that it’s a shame on humanity if someone goes to bed hungry. So, to eliminate hunger from this world, each one of us has to join hands and walk in unity to support this cause.

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