The world, more than ever, needs a gentle human touch. Donations are a beautiful way of looking after your fellow (human) beings and caring for your environment, for they have the power to make a real difference. This can be a deeply rewarding experience for us. Many have experienced that it simply FEELS GOOD to DO GOOD.


A peaceful mind releases positive energy and generates power. Inner peace gives us the strength to deal with any situation in life and creates clarity to make wise decisions. Rather than reacting to the outside world and creating disturbances within, keeping our inner peace is most important if we want humanity to live in harmony with each other.


Prayer is a direct communication with the divine energy or God. God wants his children to talk to him, to share their appreciation and gratefulness as well as their sorrows and obstacles whilst asking for His Guidance. When we pray, God listens and will guide us through any situation in life. A prayer can both comfort and inspire us.


United we stand and divided we fall; it’s an age old saying yet a truthful statement. From unity we all individually gain courage, power and strength. Working together means to support and complement each other, which subsequently creates the ability to make a bigger positive outcome. So, let’s make it a point to never compete nor compare, but to always be a team.


To educate is to empower. Education broadens our horizon and increases our awareness and understanding of life. An educated person is a valuable asset for society for he has something to offer and contribute towards its development. Girl Education, in particular is important, for the individual but even more so for its wider effect on how we view the world, provide equal opportunities and teach future generations.


The world is ONE and the human language we all understand is LOVE. Cultures and languages may differ, but they are merely different expressions of that same oneness and love. Sharing our cultures and learning each others’ languages are ways to remind us of this universal principle. Judgements, misconceptions and selfishness will dissolve and a greater understanding and a more compassionate take on life will emerge.

Our Mission

``Service to Humanity, is Service to Divinity`` We aim to ensure complete Spiritual, Emotional and Physical well being of every life we touch. Let's make the world one!


Doing the right thing,

at the right time is Spirituality.