Spiritual practices (MANTRA SADHNA) are special activities you do to deepen your relationship with the divine and the world around you. These Practices help you to connect to God ( that “something more” beyond yourself). They enable you to become actively engaged with your inner or “true” selves and understand the depth of your being. Spiritual practices expand the horizon of your experiences, encouraging you to relate to other people and the whole creation, including animate and inanimate beings.

In Spirituality, only 2% of importance is given to intellectual knowledge and 98% of importance lies in the experience of that knowledge. These experiences are known as Spiritual knowledge and help us to generate faith in our intellectual understanding of the science of Spirituality. SADHNA can manifest in many ways.


There are many generic paths to God. The path of Guru’s Grace (Gurukrupāyoga) is the most important from the point of view of achieving the ultimate in spiritual evolution. In every aspect of life, it is best if we have a SATGURU (guide or a teacher) to help us understand, learn and progress. Making spiritual progress is no exception to this Universal rule and it is only by the grace of the eternal Guru Principle (the Teaching Principle of God) acting through a Satguru in human form, that a student makes rapid spiritual progress.

No matter what spiritual path we are on, if we try and do it on our own, we can reach only up to a particular spiritual level. Beyond this, Satguru’s grace is an absolute necessity to take us to the next level.

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