Worshiping Cow

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According to the Hindu religion various Hindu gods and goddesses incarnate in various animal forms and the rights of animals co-exist with humans; therefore, people are taught to love, nurture and worship them.

International Siddhashram Shakti Center strongly believes that caring for cow is the highest form of good karma as cow is not a mere animal for Hindus but is considered as an adobe of 33 crore Hindu Deities. According to Hindu Dharma, Gau Mata (Cow) is the most sacred creature and is also called as Devi or Goddess in Rig Veda. She provides milk to mankind for a lifetime whereas; our mothers feed us with their milk for 6-7 months. So, Gau Mata (Cow) is our divine mother and it’s our duty to protect and care for her.

At the Ashram, large numbers of cows are nourished in the best environment by looking after their proper food, medication and protection.

The cow became celebrated in India, first during the Vedic period (1500–900 BCE) as a symbol of wealth and is the most sacred of all the animals of Hinduism. It is known as Kamadhenu, or the divine cow, and the giver of all desires. Along with providing milk to the mankind, cow gives us daily essential products like Gomay (cow dung) which absorbs the heat, Gomutra (cow urine) which has healing power, Yoghurt which increases strength, Gogrut (ghee) which is useful for eyes and on wounds. Hence, it’s ones utmost responsibility to love and care for these innocent creatures that the divine has sent to bless us.

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