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International Siddhashram Shakti Center with it’s various branches (United Kingdom, Gujarat and others) is not only a place of worship but it’s a complete divine experience nourishing one’s Body, Mind and Soul.Here, wide range of activities are held throughout the year along with spiritual practices like chanting of mantras, Bhajan, kirtan, Sadhnas, attaining Dikshas and people from all walks of life enthusiastically become a vital part of these initiatives. We encourage to practice prayers and to help the society by ensuring their spiritual well-being.

Center also regularly supports other faith organizations, charities and local authorities to promote core spiritual values for successful functioning of the community.

Started in the year 2000, in the Salvation Army Church building with the support of the community and for the benefit of new generation, Siddhashram is expanding it’s place of worship. The idea is to upgrade the center as a Spiritual Research Center that would not only be a place of worship but also a multi-faced center to ensure complete well-being of mankind comprising of yoga center, cultural classes, various surgeries, language classes, counseling and consultancy. With the complete support of Harrow Council in this project, we intend to provide service spiritually and for interfaith community. International Siddhashram Shakti Center is honoured to work with like- minded people like Local Council, Home Office, Police and Fire Brigade who support our cause to serve the divinity and humanity because we realise that service to humanity is the biggest religion.

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