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International Siddhashram Shakti Center is an abode to various animals like Gau Mata (Cow), Dogs, Turtle, Emo Birds, Rabbits, Naag and Nagin (Snakes) as we believe that these creatures are also created by the divine that created us and it’s our duty to protect them and ensure their well-being.
Gau Mata (Cow) is the most sacred creature also called as Devi or Goddess in Rig Veda. She is the mother of the world because our mothers feed us with their milk for 6-7 months but a cow provides milk to mankind for a lifetime. So, caring for cow is the highest form of good karma.
Shvan Seva (Dog welfare) is another significant step by us. Dog is most loyal and faithful friend that makes our life whole. People suffering from the negative effects of Rahu and Shani might find some respite when they feed black dogs.
Siddhashram is also blessed to have 100 years old snakes, Naag and Naagin who come once in a week to bless the devotees. Snakes have been always valued in Hindu religion as Lord Shiva, the supreme is the Naag Bhooshan and a snake is always adored around his neck.
Love animals and you will definitely understand life.

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