The International Siddhashram Shakti Center with its various branches (in the United Kingdom and India (Gujarat), is a unique place of worship, a place where one can nourish one’s body, mind and soul through a holistic divine experience. A wide range of communal activities are held at our Center throughout the year along with spiritual practices like Sadhanas, chanting of Mantras, Bhajans and Kirtans, and there are also opportunities to attain Diksha.

Through the years people, from all walks of life, have become enthusiastic participants and a vital part of these initiatives. We encourage them to practice prayers and our purpose is to look after their spiritual well-being whilst bringing community members spiritually closer together. The Center is further known for regularly supporting other faith organisations, charities and local authorities to promote core spiritual values inherent in all religions and beliefs in order to create a healthy, more harmonious and successfully functioning community.

The Siddhashram Center in Harrow opened its doors in 2000, when based in the Salvation Army Church and was set up with the support of community members for the benefit of generations to come. The Center is currently undergoing an expansion and upgrade to become a Spiritual Research Center, where yoga classes, cultural exchange groups and language classes, various surgeries, counselling and consultancy sessions will be made available to fully accommodate all members of our community. With the new world in mind, the Center will further upgrade its technology and online presence to make sure more people can participate, even without their physical presence in our Center.

with the wholehearted and enthusiastic support of Harrow Council for this project, we will be able to further extend the offering of our spiritual services going forward and to continue building a strong interfaith community. The International Siddhashram Shakti Center is incredibly honoured to work with like-minded officials from the Local Council, the Home Office, the Police Force and Fire Brigade, who all support our cause to serve Humanity through Divinity.

After all, to quote our spiritual leader and founder, H.H Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji

“Service to humanity is the biggest religion”.




Avdhoot Shivanand Ji is an Indian spiritual leader and founder of ShivYog, a non profit organization that offers meditation programs. He also conducts public discourses which are broadcast on multiple television channels such as Aastha TV, Adhyatm TV and Sanskar TV.


Dipika Chikhlia

Dipika Chikhlia Topiwala is an Indian actress known for playing Devi Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s television serial Ramayan and for acting in other Indian TV serials.