A Historic Prayer Ceremony for World Peace at the iconic Tower Bridge – London.

A Historic Prayer Ceremony for World Peace and Lord Krishna Janmasthami  was celebrated at  the iconic Tower Bridge – London on  30th August 2021, where HH Rajrajeshwar Guruji presented Shri Bhagavad Gita to Assistant Commissioner of City Police of London,  Ms  Angela McClaren.


As a result of these cultural events, the Hindu community has created history in London.

This was a dream which our Spiritual Leader & Peace Ambassador as recognised in The World Book of Records HH Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji INTERNATIONAL SIDDHASHRAM SHAKTI CENTRE had dared to envisage some years back, which finally come to fruition.

It was indeed a historic event when Guruji made his way on foot, leading a group of loyal devotees and other community leaders from the temple, to make the first ever public offering to Lord Krishna, right in the heart of London, on the iconic Tower Bridge with a beautiful backdrop of the River Thames flowing below in its glory. The whole idea was to promote World Peace and Harmony among all our people on this auspicious day, of the birth of Lord Krishna. London is truly blessed.

Guruji, along with a Priest, conducted abhishek of the ShivaLinga being Shraavan Maas, with the Assistant Commissioner of the City Police of London, Angela McClaren and renowned Radio personality, Ravi Sharma. Guruji conducted HANUMAN CHALISA with traditional instruments, plus devout Hindus clapped happily as they poured their hearts out in singing the bhajans. We owe grateful thanks to the musicians and dedicated volunteers.

It was an unbelievable sight to see with our Indian Flag plus the traditional Hindu religious flags fluttering against the  London skyline.

Several dignitaries including Councillors and established Community Leaders attended and gave short speeches, including former GLA chair Navin Shah, GLA member Cllr Hirani, former Mayors Bhagwanji Chohan & Ajay Maru and Deputy Mayor of Southwark Cllr Chopra, Sandip Ruparelia Managing Director Angel Care / MNS Care PLC,  Mr. Samji Patel from Jaysam & other members.

It was also great to hear a few words from the Chair of City of London Police -Mike Reed, his wife Sejal Reed who served in Harrow. The Assistant Police Commissioner of City of London Police-Angela McClaren, who will be the new Commissioner from December 2021 and the Chair of Harrow Interfaith- Sonoo Malkani, spokesperson for the Siddhashram- UK, both also addressed the gathered devotees and invited guests.

Once again, a big thank you to all those who attended this history making event and special mention to the event sponsors – Sairam Villa and Karma Foundation, UK.

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