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Siddhashram - UK


What a beautiful event organised by the International Siddhashram Shakti Centre of Harrow to celebrate the Festival of Colours--HOLI--on THURSDAY 17 March 2022 in Car Park E of Harrow Civic Centre.! Scheduled to start 7pm and end 9pm. Warmly welcomed and blessed by His Holiness Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji plus volunteers all on their toes, well before and after these hours. Marvellous sight.There were many food stalls, serving Vada Pav and mouth watering Pani Puri. Bollywood songs including the ones we associate with Holi such as "Ranga Barase " were playing out over the loudspeakers and people were dancing merrily.Many were applying colour to each other others using little pumps to douse them with coloured water.

Amazing to watch hundreds pouring into the grounds and greeting each other enthusiastically. Probably nearly 2000 turned out. Magical evening with excellent weather totally in contrast to the drenching we received year before last! I was really pleasantly surprised to see the numbers and how well they were managed.A spirit of genuine camaraderie in action, good to encounter at every corner. Watched so many cars parked along the route to the venue, making it easy for our visitors and their families, especially since parking was FREE just for the occasion.People seized the opportunity to make the most of it. Police vans were parked and some uniformed officers mingled with our citizens and were also enjoying.Truly was a big night for Harrow and all Hindus in particular.

Sanskar and other Channels covered the event and some members of the Press were also present, such as from Garvi Gujarat and Eastern Eye. We are bound to see these accounts later.

People had come with their families--young and old were enjoying being together,plus meeting with old friends and also local dignitaries, including politicians.They loved having their photos taken. The Worshipful Mayor of Harrow,Cllr Ghazanfar Ali, Leader of Harrow Council Cllr Graham Henson, London Fire Brigade Borough Commander for Harrow-Claiton Murray, Inspector David Jones of the Metropolitan Police Service, Kam Jani of St John's Ambulance were among the participants.I felt privileged to join in as Harrow Interfaith Chair as well as Spokesperson for the Siddhashram Centre UK. Former Mayor of Harrow Ajay Maru also took part. Dilip Chaubal,Trustee and Public Relations for Siddhashram, introduced and invited these dignitaries to say a few words and be honoured by Guruji. Grateful to him for the part he played so well.We had some dignitaries from Brent, such as former Mayor Bhagwanji Chauhan and his wife,plus former Harrow Mayor Rekha Shah who had permitted this Holi celebration 12 years back. You all know former GLA member,Navin Shah, as well as former Tory Councillors Manji Kara and Yogesh Teli who were also there along with so many. All said and done the evening was a grand success and a feather in the Siddhashram Centre's cap!So grateful to the Lord in particular for the good weather.

The Holika Dahan had been beautifully and carefully constructed by the volunteers and fenced off for safety.Members of public milled around and were really excited.Itching to go! The programme commenced with Guruji greeting the waiting crowds. We set off with special prayers offered by the priest from Siddhashram, who guided us, one by one, how to conduct the pooja. We were handed offerings to put into the Holy flames, plus sprinkle water little by little as we circulated around the flames which had burst forth as if to approve our actions.Once we had finished the rituals, we exited the inner area, close to the Holy bonfire. Volunteers plus the priest allowed members of public to make their offerings including coconuts after we had moved out safely. Thanks so much all you volunteers who started early and ended late so we could all have such a fabulous time after two very difficult years during the Pandemic.Very helpful in promoting community cohesion.Long may this last! In fact,we had to be very careful no sparks flew onto our clothes or onto members of public.

It was such an honour and privilege for me to be able to greet the public of Harrow and remind them of the significance of Holi--quite apart from the fun and games! Holi is known to be the Victory of Good over Evil. We all know the story of the devotee of Lord Vishnu ,Pralhad and his nasty paternal aunt Holika and how she was destroyed in the flames when she was tried in vain to get rid of the Divine Child Pralhad, her own nephew. I humbly urged our public to consign all negativity to the flames and get shot of all hatred and anger.Instead, to project positive vibes into the ether,which would return manifold to the sender. I also reminded them we were facing challenges they all knew about and that coming together is so important for our borough and all our people especially right now. Very proud of our joint efforts, which paid off handsomely. Thanks to all the dignitaries and anyone who participated in making this a wonderful celebration, including Jaysom contractor and team. Last but not least,many thanks to His Holiness Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji for blessing us with this brilliant public event and most of all to the fantastic pubic of Harrow who made this all possible.Look forward to seeing you soon at other events! HAPPY HOLI to you all.

The celebrations of Holi 2022 have seen a truly fantastic turnout of the local community to celebrate the triumph of good over evil and arrival of spring. Combined with warmer temperatures, and removal of Covid-19 restrictions, crowds gathered around the bonfire to provide offerings and receive blessings. Laughter, music, and mouth-watering smells of food filled the air as everyone from very young to the elderly gathered to celebrate this auspicious event and spend time with their loved ones and the wider community. It was truly an honour to attend this auspicious event and take part in the pooja and following festivities as my first community event representing St. John’s Ambulance. I look forward to bringing other members of our organisation such as our younger cadets to future events, so they too, may experience this vibrant atmosphere and be filled with hope and warm-hearted feelings like I did. - Kamakshi Jani, St. John's Ambulance

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